Moving Expo

For a while I am asking myself, how to expose those pictures that mean a lot to me. Expensive high quality prints don’t seem to transport what connects me to them. Traveling, reportage, street photography – such topics demanded something honest and simple. Fancy acryl glass and dibond was replaced by ordinary laser-jet paper, as it always were the simple things that fascinated me in meeting foreign people in the streets. Finally the idea arose, to travel with such large format images to places, which these people would never be able to visit. Places that are related to each image and my personal experiences with them.

Quick and loose friendships with people I saw through the lens mostly led to conversations giving short insights into their lives and the country they were living in – conceiving reality a little better. In return for these insights the first trial of “Moving Expo” feels great, as I unroll the image at “Centre Pompidou” and start explaining the idea behind to some musicians. The realization almost fails thanks to my brilliant French, but English saves me. Once again it is the spontaneous meeting with foreign people and the resulting conversation that sticks to my mind.

Moving Expo was here:

  • Centre Pompidou (Paris, Frane)
  • MACBA (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Sierra Nevada (Spain)