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A little bit stressed by the last errands I am riding on my bike through Karlsruhe - the soft snowflakes are melting at my red face...about one day after I have stopped in Madrid, São Paulo and get of the plane in the heart of the Amazonas in Manaus where I get a splash of heavy, aromatic, tropical air into my face. After passing the rainforest for hours by plane I had entered it in this moment.

In the evening I met a friend who rescued me of the broken hotel bed and carried me to her uncle who accommodated us for the next days. In the following weeks I got known to many of her relatives and friends in many places who offered us food, a bed and friendship.

Together we traveled 4 weeks through my friends home country in the search for the taste, rhythm and color of the north and northeast of Brazil.

After endless markets and the vivid harbor of Manaus followed after a 2 day boat trip along the Amazonas river a time for relaxing at the river beaches of the calm village Alter do Chão. After further 3 days by boat and a slowly very uncomfortable getting hammock we reached Belehm, and then Lencois de Maranhão.

There we ran out of money and we tried to hitch hike at night whereat 5 men wanted to accompany us with some 20 sacs of smelling crab. For their bad luck they could not catch the ride with us. We passed the sparse landscapes and villages made of adobe of the interior parts of Ceara. In Fortaleza I cured my stomach and head in the friends house and continued the last part of the trip lonely to Salvador, where I stayed in a friends flat, but as salutation I got robbed the first evening I arrived.