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From the Medina onto the Atlas
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Landing in heavy rainfall at night in Agadir - 2h later bus is skidding of the road - bus crashes backward down the slope - 15min later everybody got unhurt off the bus - an old tire is burned as signal fire in the rainy night - further 4h later we are getting helped and the luggage is taken out of the bus - gasoline is running out of the bus but the call for nicotine is stronger than rationality - about 28h afterwards with bus change in Casablanca and Rabat I reach Fès - my french has been defrosted - I try to meet a friend that tries to get there by bus and ship from Spain - first meeting fails - 3h later we embrace each other feeling pretty exhausted.

In this night we met a nice moroccan guy who leads us home - he picks us up in the following 5 days every morning and accompanies us through his city Fès. His name is as half of his cousins: Mohamed. He is living with his mother and the father has not been seen for a while as it occurs often.


We visit his cousin, uncle and are invited for lunch to his mothers house. Time seems to stand still for more than 100 years in the Medina - an old town made of adobe, hundreds of unnamed streets where trotting mules are passing charged with furs or gas bottles and sometimes collapse in rough stairways. We are sitting at the roof of a house that harbors 13 families at the border of the town close to the cemetery as out of the minarets of over 300 mosques resounds ALAAAAAHHH!!