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>>The straps of the backpack hurt and the wind soughs in the paper tube that rises out of the backpack which contains construction plans or concepts for ladies underwear - anyway - the chain buzzes in the heartbeat and I enter the darkness of a tunnel. Cars mirrors are fizzing close to my legs. Approaching the end of the tunnel I stand up and feel the already passed 3h of cycling.

Peep peep peep - I get 3 new jobs and while I am diagonally passing a crossroad the route is planed new. For luck I have reached the city border and 5 km of flat emergency lane and tailwind are awaiting me..<<


I can honestly state that the time I spend as messenger and hurried through the streets was the best job I ever had - except those moments of sleet or as I was starving and almost falling of the bike when I passed people having a huge barbecue.


After 2 years of xpress-cycling in Karlsruhe (Germany) I spend 4 months in Mexico City where I visited the Ciclos. I got an overflow of images in my head of messengers in action but I had to return to Germany before it could have been realized.

But the theme of messengers was fixed in my head and for luck I got the opportunity to realize some ideas for Per Rad and Fixie Inc. with an old messenger fellow in our city and so we took some old messenger shortcuts through the city and the harbor.