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When I start telling about Mexico I always remember the moment as teardrops ran down my cheek during the take-off back to Germany. "How can you fall in love with a country?" had I been thinking about that what some friends had told me about Mexico, but finally I left a part of me in this unique place.

Not only the latino american vitality but also the variety of different indian cultural influences that in some parts have survived in language and art up to today are impressing. Even Mexico City that symbolizes the globalized and industrial heart of this country contains all kinds of traditional and modern culture and is the point where both are getting mixed. At parties in empty almost collapsed buildings or backyards strange, experimental sounds are reflected by the walls and by burning garbage cans illuminated faces.

It is the interesting contrast between Mariachi music in taxis and buses and the new club sounds which make oneself insecure if you are not merely dancing like a wild pig in Barcelona, London or Berlin.


City life is hard and loud while other parts in the countryside seem to be a foreign country. In a few hours the vegetation changes from desert, to tropical forest and mangrove lagoons. Other languages are talked and people look different as in a village 50km before.

I passed many hours through the streets of the city and the day ended often in a jag with craftsmen before I could take a single good picture.

The atmosphere in-between the warm walls of the colored colonial houses and the sinking sun accompanied by drum rhythms at lonely beaches tear a hole in ones heart if they are missing.